Men's skincare vs. women's skincare

Men's skincare vs. women's skincare

Do I really need to buy skincare "for men"? Our experts weigh in.
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Not long ago, a man’s medicine cabinet was home to shaving cream, deodorant, and not much more. 

Those were the dark ages of men’s personal care.

Then, companies started marketing skincare products like eye creams and anti-aging moisturizers to men. With that came black packaging, musky scents, and silly names like The Blemish Buster.

Those were the middle ages of men’s personal care.

While a handful of the very best “for men” brands get the Bottlecode seal of approval, men are beginning to realize that they shouldn’t limit themselves when it comes to finding the absolute best solution.

We’re entering the age of enlightenment.

Yes, men and women have slightly different skin. Generally, men’s skin tends to be oilier, thicker, and more porous. But products marketed to men aren’t typically formulated to address these differences—they’re just packaged differently.

While there are many “for men” brands that we love, there’s a whole world of clinical, unisex, and historically female-focused products jam-packed with hugely beneficial ingredients. 

Don’t close yourself off to them, your skin will thank you.