How to take a shower

How to take a shower

You’ve been showering for your entire adult life (unless you’re a bath guy, in which case, we’ve got a few questions) but did you know there’s actually a right way to do it

Here’s the strategy. 

Step 1: Time

If you have dry skin, limit yourself to somewhere between five and 10 minutes, otherwise, five to 15 minutes is about the longest you want to stay in.

Step 2: Temperature

While long, hot showers are occasionally in order, it’s best to keep your showers short and warm. Hot water is a leading culprit of dry skin (which can also lead to premature wrinkles).

Step 3: Technique

When it comes to washing up, it’s best to use the top-down technique: hair, face, body. Here’s why: when you shampoo—especially if you use conditioner—no matter how well you rinse, some heavy ingredients will trickle down and build up on your face and body. By washing your face second, you’ll ensure nothing that can clog your pores is left behind. And by washing your body last, you’ll again ensure that no excess suds are left to seep into your skin and cause a breakout on your back, chest, and shoulders. 

This order may seem obvious, but we all know the shower is a fabulous place to let the mind wander—it’s easy to get off track or forget what you did 30 seconds ago when you’re brainstorming your billion-dollar idea.