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The power of a PM regimen

If you want to experience the full benefits that top skincare ingredients provide, applying them before you hit the hay is the best way to go.

We hear this one a lot: “Why should I apply skincare products if I’m just going to bed?”

Here’s the short answer: Skincare works even better at night. 

Here’s the long answer: During the day, your skin is in a constant battle against environmental BS like UV rays and pollution—making it less capable of absorbing ingredients into its deepest layers where they’re most effective. While a proper AM regimen is paramount for protecting your skin against the sun (i.e. future wrinkles) and pollution, in the PM is when many ingredients do their best work.

At night, your skin doesn’t have to play defense so it’s ready to take in all the goodness that high-powered ingredients provide. Because you (and your skin) are at rest, ingredients are able to penetrate deeper layers of your skin and really get the job done.