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Brand Spotlight
Made in USA
Proven Ingredients

Why we're big fans

They're a longstanding brand with longstanding skincare experience, and they evolve and improve their formulations as the industry continues to develop. All of their packaging designs look great on a bathroom counter, and we like the lighthearted language they use, too. We like the majority of their offerings, but are especially big fans of their ingrown hair treatment (a lifesaver for guys who struggle with post-shave irritation) as well as their High Performance line—they've got impressive concentrations of active ingredients and anti-aging treatments, at a great price.

The brand story:

Anthony was founded in New York in 2000, when men's skincare was a different world — fewer options, less innovation, and not a lot of transparency. They've spent the past two decades helping to change that, by building a brand that aims to simplify skincare, from face to shave to body. While they haven't shied away from getting technical in their ingredients and lineup of products, they balance natural ingredients with new skincare science for a product lineup that's specific and effective while feeling accessible to any guy.

Expert Note

Such a great brand if you're looking to take a step up from basic drugstore products.

Alina | Skincare Expert

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Instant Fix Oil Control
$30 — 3.0 oz
Instantly reduce shine with this quick-fix treatment.
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