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Brand Spotlight
Black Wolf

Specific skincare products for specific skin concerns, all at a great price.

Made in USA
Proven Ingredients
Cruelty Free

Why we're big fans:

In a world where most brands slap "for all skin types" on every label, we love that Black Wolf is dedicated to making specifically-formulated products for different skin types. Their lineup won't address every possible issue or some specific concerns, but they offer a great baseline of products (at really great prices) for guys who want a simple, affordable, accessible, and effective routine.

The brand story:

A newcomer to the scene, started in 2018 in Palm Beach, by a pair of brothers who, at just 21 and 23 and already thinking about their skin, wanted to make a skincare line focused on simplicity and affordability. In the few years they've been up and running, they've developed a solid and straightforward line of products—face wash, scrub, moisturizer, eye gel, and a couple others. It's all built around the reliably effective ingredients that you'll see in most other brands' offerings, but with an eye towards value by cutting out a lot of the traditional industry markups.

Expert Note

I love Black Wolf for guys with acne-prone skin looking for entry-level solutions.

Yvette | Skincare Expert

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Black Wolf
Activated Charcoal Face Wash
$15 — 6.0 oz
Made for oily skin types, this cleanser acts as a squeegee for your face.
Black Wolf
Ultra Hydrating Moisturizer
$19 — 2.0 oz
Made for dry skin, this lightweight moisturizer is, as the name suggests, ultra-hydrating.
Black Wolf
Gentle Hydrating Face Wash
$15 — 5.0 oz
Designed to help reduce dryness. Use this daily for clean, clear, hydrated skin.
Black Wolf
Exfoliating Scrub
$15 — 3.0 oz
Prevent clogged pores with this scrub designed to clear away dead skin.
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