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Brand Spotlight

Top-quality essentials, inspired by the self-care culture and advanced formulations of Korean skincare.

Proven Ingredients
Made in USA
Korean Innovation

Why we're big fans:

When we started working with Cardon, they only had one product: a super lightweight, impressively innovative SPF moisturizer. It was one of the first we'd found that works well and feels perfect—unlike the greasy, heavy formulations from other brands. Having nailed that, they've since expanded their offerings, and we've been impressed with each new formulation. Their cleanser in particular is a fan-favorite for guys with oil-prone and sensitive skin.

The brand story:

Cardon was founded by two women who wanted to bring the best parts of Korean skincare to men in the States. That meant ingredients and formulations, yes — but, more importantly, the overarching attitude of men taking pride in their skin and self-care routines that co-founder Narae saw while growing up in Korea. Their initial daily moisturizer with SPF was a hit (and won some awards), and they've since expanded with a larger line of products that are all made with soothing cactus extract.

Expert Note

My go-to for oily skin because their formulas balance and hydrate without stripping the skin.

Jenifer | Skincare Expert

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Purifying Clay Cleanser
$18 — 3.4 oz
A gentle yet powerful clay cleanser. Perfect for oily and sensitive skin types.
Daily SPF
$20 — 1.2 oz
Keep your skin youthful and healthy with this non-greasy daily moisturizer. Blocks 93% of damaging UV rays.
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