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Brand Spotlight
Jack Black

A time-tested, best-selling brand with a big range of offerings.

Proven Ingredients
Made in USA

Why we're big fans:

These guys have been on the radar for a long time — they're old pros of men's skincare. We're fans of a lot of what they offer, but the ProSeries anti-aging formulations top the list for us, especially the Protein-Booster Skin Serum and Bak-Up Moisturizer. They also have a very distinct signature fragrance in their products, which a lot of guys (us included) absolutely love.

The brand story:

A big player in the men's grooming space, Jack Black is one of the most well-known men's skincare brands in the US. It was started back in 2000 by two former employees of large women's beauty companies, with the goal of building a world of skincare for men. Now, they make just about every kind of product you can think of—their range is huge, way bigger than most brands we work with. And while not everything is a home run, there are some great options within their lineup.

Expert Note

I'm really impressed with many of Jack Black's anti-aging options—especially the BAK-up moisturizer.

Sydney | Skincare Expert
Shop Jack Black:
Jack Black
Clean Break Oil-Free Moisturizer
$30 — 3.3 oz
This oil-free moisturizer leaves your skin refreshed and healthier-looking with a natural, shine-free finish.
Jack Black
Nighttime BAK-up Retinol Alternative
$55 — 1.7 oz
A gentle yet powerful anti-aging cream that leaves your skin smoother, firmer, and healthier.
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