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Brand Spotlight
Oars + Alps

Simplicity-minded natural skincare for active lifestyles.

Made in USA
Cruelty Free
Natural Ingredients

Why we're big fans:

Oars and Alps are from Chicago, like us. But we didn't give them any bonus points for the hometown advantage—their products passed the Bottlecode test all on their own. We like that O+A takes the active lifestyle into account during every aspect of the product development process. That's how you end up with face wash in solid form (super convenient for travel) and easy two-in-one formulations that actually make sense (most two-in-one products are bogus and bad for your skin). They focus on the basics, so you may need to look elsewhere for the more powerful stuff, but their product line continues to expand. So stay tuned.

The brand story:

Founded by two women whose husbands are big outdoor guys, they noticed what sun, sweat, wind, and daily dirt & grime could do to a man's skin. Then set about fixing it with a skincare line that was more affordable, less chemical-y, and more convenient than the other stuff they saw on shelves. They tout their natural ingredients like alpine moss and jojoba oil, don't use cheap, harmful stuff like parabens, and aren't afraid to apply science to drive results.

Expert Note

I love how O+A always has the active guy in mind when developing their products and packaging.

Jesse | Skincare Expert
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Oars and Alps
Anti-Everything Pads
Oars and Alps
Solid Face Wash
$20 — 1.4 oz
Oars and Alps
Everyday Anti-Aging Face Moisturizer with SPF 37
$22 — 2.0 oz
Oars and Alps
Face + Eye Cream
$22 — 2.5 oz
Oars and Alps
Wake Up Eye Stick
$21 — 0.5 oz
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