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Brand Spotlight
Port Products

Smart skincare developed by industry veterans.

Cruelty Free
Made in USA
Natural Ingredients

Why we're big fans:

We like Port's core idea of developing products based on the gaps the founders saw in the market. And while we're in the business of combing the market ourselves, and humbly think we've found things for just about everyone, Port definitely fills some gaps for us as well. Like their Marine Layer SPF, which is one of the only mineral-based SPF moisturizers we've tried that doesn't feel heavy or leave a whitecasting.

The brand story:

Sibling founders Matt and Madison started The Motley over a decade ago, originally as an e-comm retailer of different skincare brands. Now, The Motley is Matt and Madison's own overarching skincare brand, which sells products from a few different private labels they've developed—including Port Products. They started it to help fill some gaps that they noticed in the market throughout their years in the business and now focus on Port Products exclusively. Their primary focus is on what they view as the three absolute essentials of any routine: a daily face scrub, shaving cream, and soothing moisturizer.

Expert Note

Some of my favorite formulations. The SPF is so great for guys with oily skin.

Jenifer | Skincare Expert

Shop Port Products

Port Products
Skin Renewing Face Scrub
$26 — 3.4 oz
Prevent clogged pores with this scrub designed to clear away dead skin.
Port Products
Conditioning Beard Absolute
$20 — 1.0 oz
An all-natural, hydrating beard oil that softens and smooths facial hair with nourishing the skin beneath...
Port Products
Intense Recovery Treatment Mask
$11 — 0.7 oz
Hydrating and refreshing, this sheet mask is also packed with peptides to deliver anti-aging benefits.
Port Products
Marine Layer Sol Defense SPF 17 Daily Moisturizer
$38 — 1.7 oz
Keep your skin youthful and healthy with this non-greasy daily moisturizer. Blocks over 93% of damaging UV...
Port Products
Balancing Daily Moisturizer
$36 — 2.5 oz
Non-greasy, natural ingredients hydrate, soothe, and repair your skin.
Port Products
Face Saving Shave Formula
$20 — 3.4 oz
Enriched with coconut and avocado oil, this highly-concentrated shave cream is formulated for all skin...
Port Products
Detoxifying Daily Cleanser
$30 — 6.0 oz
Built with natural ingredients powerful enough to cleanse and gentle enough to hydrate.
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