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Brand Spotlight

A pioneer of natural skincare for men, they make nature-oriented products with lab-proven results.

Why we're big fans:

"Natural" isn't always better when it comes to skincare and we're always on high alert for marketing spin when analyzing brands labeled as "natural." Thankfully, REN passes the test with flying colors. They're a pioneer in the field of using only natural ingredients and have an appropriate amount of scientific research to back up the efficacy of everything they use. Their anti-redness serum is one of the best on the market, and we're constantly re-upping on their AHA toner because it flies off the shelves.

The brand story:

A pioneer in natural skincare since 2000. REN was founded with a focus on "clean" products, which can be an overused word in skincare that often doesn't mean much, but in their case has some real weight behind it: they've helped pave the way for naturally-minded skincare with vegan-friendly offerings that strictly exclude any of the ingredients commonly found in most skincare products that have the potential to cause irritation. They've also got a comprehensive set of principles (like inclusively testing for all skin types & tones, 100% cruelty-free production, sustainable sourcing, and more) to guide every product.

Expert Note

I use REN's AHA tonic myself to help reduce dark spots. It's one of the best products out there and I love recommending it to other people!

Jesse | Skincare Expert

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Anti-Redness Serum
$52 — 1.0 oz
Specifically designed to minimize redness and irritation while targeting the signs of aging.
Radiance Perfection Serum
$56 — 1.02 oz
The multi-active serum tackles dullness, brightening, and smoothing lackluster skin. It boosts the skin's...
Evercalm Gentle Cleansing Gel
$32 — 5.1 oz
Designed to rinse away impurities and pollutants without compromising the integrity of your skin.
Bio Retinoid Anti-Aging Cream
$69 — 1.7 oz
One of the only natural anti-aging creams with science to back it up.
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