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Triumph & Disaster

Great brand name. Even better products.

Natural Ingredients
Proven Ingredients

Why we're big fans:

Australia has a surprisingly high concentration of very cool grooming brands. Don't ask us why. What we do know, though, is that these guys are leading the pack. They're one of the first brands we started working with, and we were originally drawn to their alcohol-free Logic Toner, a great gentle exfoliator. Then we got addicted to the Dichotomy Eye Serum. All of their stuff is full of unique natural ingredients we haven't seen elsewhere, plus scientifically-backed actives—the best of both worlds. They also have one of the more badass brand names in the industry.

The Brand Story:

Founder Dion Nash comes from a long line of boxers on his dad's side, and tailors on his mom's — a man born of contradiction. So his skincare line, named after a Rudyard Kipling quote, follows suit by using both proven natural ingredients and the latest science. Their product line is simple but solid, with thoughtful formulations and handsome branding that'll look good on any bathroom shelf.

Expert Note

I love recommending their Logic toner for guys who want to prevent breakouts and treat razor irritation.

Jesse | Skincare Expert

Shop Triumph & Disaster:

Triumph & Disaster
Dark Moon Night Cream
$65 — 1.69 oz
A Vitamin C-loaded moisturizer to help smooth wrinkles and even your skin tone.
Triumph & Disaster
Logic Toner
$35 — 8.45 oz
Clear unwanted buildup from your pores before it becomes a breakout.
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