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Formulated with clinically proven ingredients to help drive results.

Why we're big fans

They're a longstanding brand with longstanding skincare experience, and they evolve and improve their formulations as the industry continues to develop. All of their packaging designs look great on a bathroom counter, and we like the lighthearted language they use, too. We like the majority of their offerings, but are especially big fans of their ingrown hair treatment (a lifesaver for guys who struggle with post-shave irritation) as well as their High Performance line—they've got impressive concentrations of active ingredients and anti-aging treatments, at a great price.





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High-Performance Vitamin A Hydrating LotionHigh-Performance Vitamin A Hydrating Lotion
Sold out
High-Performance Vitamin C SerumHigh-Performance Vitamin C Serum
Sold out
High-Performance Anti-Wrinkle Glycolic Peptide SerumHigh-Performance Anti-Wrinkle Glycolic Peptide Serum
Kind Cleansing WaterKind Cleansing Water
AnthonyKind Cleansing Water
Sale price$28.00
Instant Fix Oil ControlInstant Fix Oil Control
All-Purpose Facial MoisturizerAll-Purpose Facial Moisturizer
Ingrown Hair TreatmentIngrown Hair Treatment

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