Our Story

The best advice comes from friends.

Think of us as your friend. Your friend who knows a ton about skincare and wants to talk about it whenever you do.

Why we built Bottlecode

When it comes to skincare, most guys don't talk about it with their friends. This puts us way behind the ball when it comes to caring for our skin properly.

After taking the hard road to find men's skincare products that work for us—late-night internet wormholes, pushy salespeople, and way too much trial and error—we decided to build a better way.

Meet the founders

Drishay's Skincare Story

Puberty was a tough time for me. My skin, in particular, gave me a lot of trouble. Multi-step treatments, Accutane pills, light therapy, numerous dermatology visits—you name it, I did it.

At the time, there was very little information on what a young Indian guy like myself could do to take care of himself. Through a lot of trial and error, I was able to figure out what was right for me and my temperamental skin. That struggle, lack of guidance, and loss of self-confidence is something we hope no one else has to go through.

Rob's Skincare Story

I went to the dermatologist for the first time when I was 32. I always did the basics when it came to skincare but, with my 20s in the rearview mirror, I became interested in finding specialized solutions to help make 40 look as good as possible.

My concerns didn’t warrant any prescribed treatments. So, with a few ingredient recommendations from the doctor I went hunting on my own. Seven cleansers and creams later, I finally found a combination that produced results for me. Not a fun process. Not a cheap one either.

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