Baxter of California

Baxter has a clean modern feel but was actually founded back in '65 by a guy (named Baxter) who moved to California and noticed the climate affecting his skin. Five decades later, they've grown into the modern era with a Los Angeles-inspired aesthetic, an acquisition by L'Oreal, and a strong identity as a great starting point for quality skincare products (plus shave, body, and fragrance goods). Their hair pomades are especially popular, but their skincare products—a strong but focused lineup of essentials—are what we really care about.

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Baxter is a great entry point to premium skincare for a lot of guys, and we appreciate that they've done such a good job getting a generation of men to put more care into their skin. Their lineup is mostly limited to the basics of skincare, and is sometimes a bit generic (like how their face wash says it's "good for all skin types," which is rarely 100% true in this industry) but on the whole, nearly all of their products meet our high standards. The under-eye complex and great-smelling bar soaps are some of our favorites.


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