Preventing wrinkles and fading the ones you've already acquired is all about sun protection and collagen production. Here's our guide to flipping Father Time the finger.


Don't skimp on sunscreen

90% of wrinkles are caused by the sun’s UV rays. We repeat, 90%! But that doesn’t mean you should cover yourself in Banana Boat every day, get a quality moisturizer that’s equipped with at least SPF 15—it'll block at least 93% of those damaging UV rays while providing other beneficial nutrients.


Invest in a good night cream

Once you hit 30, you start to lose about 1% of the collagen in your skin every year. Less collagen means more wrinkles. Ready for good news? There are night creams and serums that help jumpstart collagen production in your skin, helping to limit and reverse the appearance of wrinkles.


Wash your face properly

That means using the right cleanser (we'll help you find it). Many cleansers are harsh and overdrying—and dry skin looks older than hydrated skin.

Expert Take

You might not see a difference overnight but using a good anti-aging night cream is a long-term investment with a big payoff years down the line.

Jenifer, Bottlecode Expert


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