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Flip Father Time the finger.

Some wrinkles suit a certain age, while others make you look completely beat down by 45. If you donʼt take proper care of your skin, youʼre staring the latter in the face.

The best defense? SPF. Hereʼs why:

The sunʼs UVA rays act like little darts that puncture and permanently damage the collagen in your skin. The more your collagen breaks down, the more your skin starts to wrinkle, sag, and resemble an old catchers mitt. The good news is, the right daily SPF moisturizer can block nearly 100% of the sunʼs damaging rays.

Not basking in the sun all day? Doesnʼt matter. Skin damage is cumulative, which means not only do you need to lather up on beach days, but all those 15-minute coffee walks add up—even in the winter.

The best offense? Vitamins A and C. Here’s why:

Once you hit 30, you naturally start to lose about 1% of collagen every year and, as you just learned, that’ll lead to wrinkles (happy birthday). Applying a night cream formulated with Vitamin A or C has been shown to stimulate collagen production in your skin, helping to fade the appearance of existing wrinkles and fight off new ones.  

Are wrinkles one of your top skincare concerns?

Let us know and we’ll get started on your personalized regimen.