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The remedy for razor burn.

Maintaining an everlasting five o’clock shadow is more popular these days than it was during our father’s heyday. Maybe it’s a style thing, or maybe guys finally got fed up with the very real, want-to-rip-your-skin-off pain that is razor burn.

That said, we’re not all beard guys. For those of us who prefer the clean-shaven look, or are forced to put a blade to our skin by those who send us bi-weekly paychecks, here’s how to effectively battle the burn.

First, let’s talk about the cause of razor burn.

Razor burn and bumps are a result of ingrown hairs. When dead skin cells and oil get trapped in your hair follicles (a.k.a pores), that blockage restricts the hair from growing properly and instead force it to curl back into your skin, causing painful bumps and redness.

Here’s how to take care of it:

To start, always wash your face before shaving. Doing so will clean the surface of your skin and reduce the buildup in your pores.

But that’s entry-level stuff. If you really want to become an expert in razor-burn relief, you need to start using an ingredient called Salicylic Acid. This chemical exfoliator is a dermatologist go-to for fighting pimples, but it’s also great for razor burn. It works by traveling deep into your pores, dissolving the buildup of oil and debris, and freeing the ingrown hairs causing your razor burn.

To find a Salicylic Acid solution that’s built for your skin type, and properly work it into your daily regimen, get started below.

Is razor burn one of your main skincare concerns?

Let us know and we’ll get started on your personalized regimen.