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7 reasons why men love this new grooming service.


The benefits of skincare are endless, but there’s one big problem—finding products that work is confusing, time-consuming, and costly. Here’s why men everywhere are turning to Bottlecode to help them solve everything from razor burn to wrinkles.

1. I look great!

"Thanks to Bottlecode, I love looking in the mirror every morning. I can honestly see the results of sticking to my regimen. Fewer wrinkles, redness, and razor burn!" - Tim, Chicago, IL

2. It’s super easy.

“I wanted to take better care of my skin and clear up the dark circles around my eyes, but researching and understanding skincare started to feel like a part-time job. With Bottlecode, I just answered a few easy questions and they recommended a great set of products that felt super tailored to my needs.” - Richard, Los Angeles, CA

3. It’s cheaper than trial-and-error.

“I never knew what to spend on skincare because you can find really cheap stuff and outrageously expensive stuff. While some of the products I buy from Bottlecode are a bit more expensive than what I would have spent in the past, I can really tell the difference. And honestly, it’s cheaper than going through the endless process of trying different things that never seem to work.” - Oscar, Jersey City, NJ

4. There’s no risk.

“One of the products I received didn’t cooperate with my skin. Bottlecode’s “Don’t love it? We’ll swap it” program allowed me to get a new product for free and I didn’t even have to deal with returning the old one. The whole point of Bottlecode is to help you find products that work without the risk and expense of trial-and-error.” - Seth, Raleigh, NC

5. I discovered new brands.

"Before Bottlecode I had pretty much been buying the same grooming products since college (and I stole stuff from my wife as well). Bottlecode helped me discover cool, new brands that work better than anything I had used before." - Jeffrey Detroit, MI 

6. They really know me.

"I told my Bottlecode Skincare Advisor that I’m really sensitive to fragrances. Now, every product they recommend is basically scent-free. Bottlecode really gets to know your preferences and the recommendations just keep getting better." - Ankur, New York, NY

7. They actually solved my blackheads.

“I had been dealing with blackheads on my nose for my entire adult life and tried just about every product out there to get rid of them. Nothing worked. Bottlecode created a regimen for me that finally solved my blackheads. The right cleanser and toner was the secret.” - Garrett H., Houston, TX


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