What the hell is toner?


In short, toners are fast-penetrating liquids that deliver a healthy dose of high-performing skincare ingredients. Back in the day, toners were full of certain alcohols that we now know are damaging to the skin. These days, toners are loaded with nutrients and workhorse ingredients that might make all the difference for your skin. Some toners are built for extra hydration and anti-aging while others are built to clear pores of anything that might turn into a pimple. No matter your skin type, if you’re game to add a step to your regimen, a toner is a great way to give your skin more of the stuff it needs to look its best.


The breakdown
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    Toners are workhorses.

    Toners are fast-acting and full of beneficial ingredients.

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    They’ve changed.

    Toners once had a bad rap for being overly drying. Today, they’re packed nutrients that can correct just about any concern.

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    There’s one for you.

    Whether you’re dry or oily and no matter your main concern, there’s a toner built for you.

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